I, Beth Lynn Eicher, researched the state of all of the parks owned and maintained by Whitehall Borough.

To the North, we have Frank Park which has a sparely wooded walking trail in lieu of a sporting fields behind Schneider’s Dairy plant.

To the North West, Whitehall has undeveloped park land in the middle of Steeplechase.

To the West, we have Overlook Acres Park which is completely land locked by home owner’s back yards. All playground equipment has been removed and bids to replace the pavilion and repair the stairs are being reviewed.
Central, we have Union Park which boarders the private non-profit green-space of Baldwin Manor. This park features playgrounds, little lending library, baseball field, batting cage and pavilion.

To the East, we have Highland Park which is behind Tillotson School with a baseball field, soccer field, accessible parking, which was perfectly landscaped by the US Department of the Interior.

To the Far East, we have Prospect Park where a single baseball diamond remains after a pavilion was installed in 2021. The playground equipment was installed years prior with grants organized by SHIM.

To the South we have Snyder Park with a baseball field, basketball court, and pickleball court.

Also to the South is the municipal complex with Brennan Plaza with an amphitheater in honor of our founder, indoor Whitehall Community room, Basketball court and tennis courts. And, of course, Whitehall water park.