Frank Park

My childhood was filled with great memories of grabbing a pint of Schneiders Dairy then hanging out at Frank Park. It no longer looks like it used to without the baseball field and merry go round. Times have changed.

Here sits the barely wooded walking trail where a baseball field once sat. The community was promised a sprinkler park once the ballfield was removed. After running out of money after the demolition of the baseball field, a wooded walking trail substituted by Gateway Engineering contractors. Now the soccer club practices but does not play games. The lacrosse club showed interest in this field yet the tree placement and walking trail made it not suitable.

During the Summer of 2023, this park’s camp was cancelled and campers who could arrange their own transportation were re-directed to Snyder Park. The camp closure was due to alleged vandalism of the restrooms during camp hours.

Amenities: playground with swings, walking trail, pavilion, gendered restrooms, half basketball court which is also a parking lot.